Not Quite The Afterglow Podcast

A podcast from Chloe and Richard Morrell that ran for nearly six months in 2017-18 before Richard filed for divorce from Chloe - heartbreaking. Published by AG Media Ltd - a division of Audley Gardens Ltd

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40 years ago the late great Douglas Adams released the classic Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Richard this week was giving a talk at the fabled CloudCamp in London and it featured heavily so we talk...
March 10, 2018
This weeks episode is recorded on the back of the news of Kevin Smith having had a massive heart attack in Glendale CA whilst doing two shows there. Thankfully, and in no short order to the fast actio...
February 27, 2018
The episode where they reflect on a hotel stay which was overpriced and not very good, where she confesses to once eating sausages for England and where he still hasn't taken off the nail varnish she ...
February 22, 2018
This episode we delve into what we think makes a perfect Valentines Day, plus we test each other with some Couples playing cards and look back through the mists of time at Valentines Days in the 1980s...
February 12, 2018
For those of us who are happily married and enjoy each others company and strive for happiness, you could argue it's a delight not a chore. But for others marriage is often a routine or a practiced be...
February 7, 2018
February 2, 2018
January 26, 2018
January 17, 2018
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November 21, 2017

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